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Goddess Ashtalakshmi Set with Wooden Table Frame for Pooja Mandir Temple Decor - (Height: Idol: 2 Inches; Frame: 13.75 x 14 x 3 Inches)

Goddess Ashtalakshmi Set with Wooden Table Frame for Pooja Mandir Temple Decor - (Height: Idol: 2 Inches; Frame: 13.75 x 14 x 3 Inches)

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  • Idol Size- height 2", 8pcs set approx weight - 1 kg.
  • Wooden frame size - height 13.75", length 14", width - 3". wooden frame weight - 1.5 kg.
  • Material - idols are made of pure brass, wooden frame is made of MDF wood.
  • Ashtalakshmi is the form of the Divine Mother Lakshmi, in her manifestation as a group of eight Hindu Goddesses. The Goddess in these Avatars symbolizes the eight sources of wealth which governs the life of all human beings, with each individual, fulfilling certain necessities and desires. All these attributes are worshipped as a group in temples and include prosperity, good health, knowledge, strength, progeny, power, valor and victory.
  • The manifestation of the Goddess in these eight forms fulfills a specific purpose and is associated with all the necessities which living beings require for the sustenance of life. All eight forms are essential to maintain the equilibrium of material and spiritual prosperity required in the world.
  • Worshipping Ashtalakshmi is said to bestow one with success, prosperity and abundance, both material and spiritual. She is said to favor those who are dedicated and work hard to realize their dreams & ambitions.Since Goddess Lakshmi is associated with wealth and prosperity, making offerings of red flowers is considered propitious. Maintaining cleanliness and lighting of lamps is also said to usher in her grace and remove darkness, ignorance & evil from our lives.
  • "Adi Lakshmi - the primal mother goddess Dhana Lakshmi - goddess of material wealth Dhanya Lakshmi - goddess of good harvest and grains Gaja Lakshmi - goddess of power and strength Santana Lakshmi - goddess of off-springs and progeny Veera Lakshmi - goddess of courage and strength Vijaya Lakshmi - goddess of victory Aishwarya Lakshmi - goddess of comfort and luxury"

Details: Goddess Ashtalakshmi is governs all the forms of wealth and auspiciousness. It is She who paves the way for success and all the forms of prosperity. Mother Lakshmi is often depicted in several colors: Pink, Gold and White. When Lakshmi's skin color is Pink, She is the Divine Mother. When Her skin is Gold, She is the Universal Shakti and when Her skin is white, She is Mother Earth. AshtaLakshmi set made of high quality brass. The eight divine forms of Goddess Lakshmi or Ashta-Lakshmi include: Aadi-Lakshmi (The Primeval Goddess) or Maha Lakshmi (The Great Goddess) Dhana-Lakshmi or Aishwarya Lakshmi (The Goddess of Prosperity and Wealth) Dhaanya-Lakshmi (Goddess of Food Grains) Gaja-Lakshmi (The Elephant Goddess) Santana-Lakshmi (The Goddess of Progeny) Veera-Lakshmi or Dhairya Lakshmi (The Goddess of Valor and Courage) Vidya-Lakshmi (The Goddess of Knowledge) Vijaya-Lakshmi or Jaya Lakshmi (The Goddess of Victory).

Package Dimensions: 15.0 x 15.0 x 5.0 inches

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