The Power of Uruli Placement: Enhancing Harmony with Vastu Shastra

The Power of Uruli Placement: Enhancing Harmony with Vastu Shastra

Our glorious Indian history encompasses magnificent chapters that not only impart knowledge but also unveil various ways to fill our lives with positive energy and numerous other benefits. In this article, we will explore two interconnected spheres of energy that may seem distinct on the surface but are intricately woven together: Vastu Shastra and Uruli. Before discussing the benefits of placing Uruli in accordance with Vastu, let us first understand what Uruli is and why it holds importance in terms of its placement and direction.

What is an Uruli?

Uruli has been a popular artifact used since ancient times, particularly in the southern states of India where it was predominantly used for cooking. The term "Uruli" originates from the Tamil word "Urulai," meaning "round-shaped bowl." In ancient times, people in South India prepared food in Urulis. Eventually, interior decorators recognized that Urulis could also serve as pieces of art when aligned with Vastu Shastra. Hence, if you desire to acquire an Uruli, you can conveniently purchase it online.

An Uruli benefits every home!

According to Vastu, an Uruli benefits homes in numerous ways. Some of the key benefits here:

  1. Attracts wealth: Vastu Shastra emphasizes the significance of incorporating water symbolism, as it associates water with financial prosperity. By filling an Uruli with water, flowers, and decorative elements, and placing it near the entrance door, you can create an auspicious ambiance that attracts wealth.

  2. Warding off negative energies: Placing an Uruli outside the main door of your home or office helps protect the Vastu from negative energies and promotes a harmonious environment.

  3. Enhances spiritual energies: By adorning a Puja altar or facing deity idols with a filled Uruli adorned with flowers, you appease the gods and emanate energies of peace and harmony.

  4. Promotes peace of mind: Placing an Uruli in the middle of the drawing-room or hall is believed to offer peace of mind and tranquility, calming the mind's wavering thoughts.

  5. Corrects Vastu Dosha: If your house or office has Vastu defects, placing a water-filled Uruli in the North-East direction can help rectify these imbalances and harmonize the space.

  6. Enhances success: The Ishan corner, which is the northeast corner of your house, is believed to ensure success in life. Installing an Uruli in this corner aligns with this belief.

  7. Attracts financial stability: As per Hindu beliefs, placing an Uruli in the corner of your house that faces north or east is considered auspicious for gaining financial stability and attracting positivity.

  8. Brings harmony: Placing an Uruli in the center of the living room or hall is said to foster a sense of harmony and balance in the environment.

You have the flexibility to either place the Uruli on a table or position it on the floor, depending on your preference. Furthermore, adding small cubes of camphor to the Uruli can repel mosquitoes and contribute to your well-being.

The best place to keep an Uruli at home / office

In conclusion, Uruli, an ancient traditional cookware pot, has gained tremendous popularity in the realms of decor and art. While it can be used in various ways, filling it with water, as outlined above, and placing it in specific locations and directions can bring about numerous benefits according to Vastu principles.

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