How to Decorate an Indian home for Tamil New Year in 2023

How to Decorate an Indian home for Tamil New Year in 2023 Mangal Fashions | Indian Home Decor and Craft

Tamil New Year, also known as Puthandu, is a significant festival in the Tamil culture, celebrated on the first day of the Tamil calendar. Here are some traditional ways to decorate your home for the Tamil New Year:

  1. Rangoli: A traditional Indian folk art, Rangoli is a beautiful decorative design made on the floor using colored powders or flowers. You can make Rangoli designs that are symbolic of the Tamil New Year, such as lotus flowers, peacocks, or mangoes.

  2. Decorative Torans: Torans are traditional Indian door hangings that are used to decorate the entrance to homes. You can make or buy Torans with Puthandu-themed motifs such as mangoes, leaves, and flowers.

  3. Flowers and Garlands: Flowers and garlands are an important part of Tamil New Year decorations. You can decorate your home with fresh flowers and garlands made of jasmine, marigold, and roses.

  4. Lights: Decorating your home with lights, such as diyas or lanterns, adds to the festive atmosphere. You can also hang colorful lanterns in your home and string lights around the windows and doors.

  5. Traditional Clothes: Dress up your home with traditional Tamil clothes, such as sarees, and drape them over furniture or hang them from the walls.

Remember, these are just suggestions and you can customize your decorations to suit your personal taste and style. The most important thing is to celebrate the Tamil New Year with joy and happiness!

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